Steven Davis, born Steven C. Davis in the small rural town of Dorsey Mississippi.  Steven grew up in Mississippi, where he later graduated high school from Itawamba Agricultural High School in 1987.  After graduating high school he later enrolled at Itawamba Community College where he was a business major.  Shorty after attending college in Mississippi he then grew bored of the small town life and college, where he then focused his sights on his true passion which was fashion and set his sights on the next big thing. Steven then enrolled and was accepted at Wade's Fashion College in Dallas, Texas which was housed atop the famed Dallas Apparel Market.  He then lived in Dallas for a few short years and attended fashion school where he received his Associate of Arts Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design.  He later continued his education for a third year where he received his professional certification in fashion design in 1991.  While in Dallas he encountered his second calling, the underground club scene and Dallas nightlife.. And education in fashion like no other he then set his sights on even bigger things the glitz and glamour of New York City.  Steven then moved to  N.Y.C. in the early 1990's....  “When I first moved to New York City, I quickly became involved in the then very fashion forward New York City nightlife” “In the early 1990's grunge was in style, and  in Vogue and I, an aspiring fashion designer even then was easily recognizable on the scene”.


     Now a full blown designer, Steven Davis' clothing has become all the rage.   Steven Davis MAN...and Steven Davis Femme are quickly becoming a must in everyone's wardrobe...  Formerly designing under the name V.O.N., Steven is rebranding and renaming his clothing  line after his namesake.  His brand focuses on red carpet looks and  high end  street wear. Steven's style is a blend of  high fashion and New York City nightlife with a sense of humor and theatricality.  He uses that sensibility to entertain, inspire, and dazzle.  From the the cutting edge, to the edge of your seat, Steven's clothing explores bold colors, dynamic structure, and a use of unconventional materials.  His work is a true spectacle of glamour, style, and forward thinking, it fuses modern high fashion with the true grit, color, and flare of the old New York City nightlife.                                                         In addition, Steven's  edgy brand V.O.N. has made  countless appearances in in several fashion publications like Marie Claire, Zink, Elle, and Relapse Magazines to name a few.  Adorned by supermodels and pop stars the likes of Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gigi Hadid, and Jesse J.   


Countless stylists continually use Steven Davis for their creative vision, in music videos, fashion editorials, and red carpet appearances.  In 2010 Steven launched his first brand V.O.N. where he  partnered and collaborated with  numerous other reputable designers the likes of Patricia Field, Heatherette, The Blonds, and Martin Keehn.  While still designing designing for V.O.N. which will continue to appear annually as a small capsule collection, he has rebranded and launched his latest brand in 2019 which is his namesake Steven Davis. His latest fashion endeavor is already a hit and he was recently signed with famed New York fashion pr firm MAO Public Relations.  Also the Steven Davis New York website/online store, is scheduled to launch early Spring 2020.......And coming soon to a catwalk near.